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Ethan Reeve on Density Training

Coach Reeve describes his Density Training loading cycles during the 29th Annual University of Tennessee Strength and Conditioning Clinic.  Click here to purchase the clinic DVD. [tube][/tube]

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Microsoft Excel the Hidden Secret of a Strength Coach

By Angelo James and Patrick O'Neal Excel can be used in many different ways in the strength and conditioning field. You can create programs, keep records of your athlete’s, and calculate your players weight percentages for the upcoming workouts. The thing that most people don’t know about excel is in order to do this efficiently you need to know certain formulas. Formulas in excel will do math, pull information from various sheets, and many others things that are beneficial to a strength coach. Here are five formulas that will make your program more efficient. The ROUND formula will calculate percentages

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Congrats Malik Jackson!

We are very proud of Malik Jackson, for the person that he is and the player he has become.  Malik was selected in the 5th Round as the 137th Pick by the Denver Broncos.

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Get the Most Bang for your Buck

Coach Ciano (Head Strength Coach-Buffalo Bills) outlines his program’s goals during the 29th Annual University of Tennessee Strength and Conditioning Clinic. Help prevent injuries. Train Explosively-Olympic Lifts/Plyos/Med Balls Increase Speed & Acceleration Focus on Multi-Joint Movements-Cleans/Squats/Pulls Best conditioned team in the NFL Increase mobility and stability Incorporate variety Click here to purchase the clinic DVD. [tube][/tube]

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Med Ball Mayhem Now Available!

[tube][/tube] McKeefery Intern Class #31 brings a video of intense Med Ball competitions that can be utilized in any program.  The video will demonstrate ten competitions that will challenge you both mentally and physically.  They will enhance your athletic ability and improve your competitive character.  All that is required is a med ball.  Get the DVD for only $15.00 including shipping.  

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