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Exercise Menu’s with Coach Dos Remedios

Coach Dos Remedios describes how creates exercise menu's during the 29th Annual University of Tennessee Strength and Conditioning Clinic.  Click here to purchase the clinic DVD. [tube][/tube]  

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Reading Research

As a strength coach it is difficult to find the time to comb through all the latest research.  I try to find ways to summarize or eliminate the research that is a waste of time.  Ten minutes reading a wasted study is ten minutes away from my family.  Recently I read Tim Ferriss's The 4-Hour Body and he uses five questions to determine which science to follow and which to ignore: 1. Is a relative change (like percentages) being used to convince? Relative increases or decreases, most often expressed as percentages can be misleading. You should ask what the absolute

Congrats to Grant Geib

Congrats to former P/T Assistant Grant Geib for accepting an Assistant position with Purdue University.  

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Congrats to Dan Gorman

Congrats to former intern Dan Gorman for accepting a paid internship position with the University of Louisville.  

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Force Absorption Plyometrics

Got a chance to hear Amanda Kimball, S&C for Women’s Basketball at the University of Connecticut, speak at the Villanova Strength and Conditioning Clinic.  Being a former South Florida Bull we don’t need to go too much into the success of their Women’s Basketball Program, but lets just say they are pretty good.  I really liked her use of Force Absorption Plyometric’s.  She states: “In sports that involve speed, strength, power, agility and mobility, the athletes who can PRODUCE and REDUCE high force at high speed throughout the game will have an advantage”.  Coach Kimball uses a simple

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