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Benefits of Chocolate Milk

Researchers at Indiana University found that drinking Chocolate Milk is one of the best things an athlete can do to recover from an intense workout. In fact, chocolate milk was twice as effective as a commercial sports drink. The researches say it's the unique combination of carbohydrates and protein in chocolate milk (as opposed to white milk) that makes it ideal for exhausted muscles. Karp, JR et al. The efficacy of chocolate milk as a recover aid. ACSM-MSSE. 2004. Low-fat milk-based recovery beverages are readily accepted and easily tolerated by athletes as recovery beverages, perhaps more so than sports drinks

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Congrats to Evan Barr

Congrats to former Intern Evan Barr for accepting the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach position with Reinhardt University.  Another successful Strength Coach Basic Training story.  

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Utilizing Social Media as a Strength Coach

By Matt Hewett, Graduate Assistant Tennessee Tech & Patrick O’Neal Graduate Assistant University of Cincinnati In today’s strength and conditioning field, it is important to understand new trends such as social media. Social media allows strength coaches to learn the latest techniques and keep contact with other coaches in the field. There are several different networking sites that can be utilized by strength coaches including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Strength and Performance Network. YouTube YouTube is social networking web site focused on uploading and sharing multi-media videos. Strength coaches will use this site to post videos showing their methods and

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Performance Facility vs. Starving Strength Coach

Are you working at a Performance Facility and having trouble getting a position as a College or Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach?  I get asked weekly by former interns and young professionals why they are having trouble getting those jobs.  As someone who employees College Strength and Conditioning Coaches I would like to offer my opinion.  Here are 5 reasons why you are having trouble: 1.   Easy Street - For some employers they may view you as having taken the "easy street" by not going through the fire of interning or becoming a GA.  Even though no one can

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Congrats to Brian Bert

Congrats to former Intern Brian Bert for accepting an Assistant Strength and Conditioning position with Hofstra University.  Another successful Strength Coach Basic Training story.  

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