On March 2nd and 3rd, we hosted the 29th Annual University of Tennessee Strength and Conditioning Clinic.  Over 250 coaches came from all over the country to listen to one of the best speaker line ups around.

Friday night was tabbed “Football Friday”.  Three college strength coaches each took one aspect of the collegiate annual football strength and conditioning plan and discussed their program.  Doug Davis-Head Strength Coach Kent State (Former Intern) spoke on the Inseason program, Duane Carlisle-Head Strength Coach Purdue University spoke on Summer Program, and I spoke on our Winter “Hard Knox” program.  We finished with our keynote of the night Eric Ciano-Head Strength Coach Buffalo Bills discussing his program.

“Strength Saturday” was an all star line-up discussing various topics trending in the strength and conditioning community.  Rich Lansky-Owner Optimum Performance Training spoke on “Teaching the Olympic Lifts in a Team Setting”.  Robert Dos Remedios-Head Strength Coach at the College of the Canyons spoke on “Alternative Training Tools”.  Loren Seagrave did a phenomenal job speaking on the “Systematic Approach to Teaching and Training the 40yd Dash”.  Always spectacular, Gray Cook discussed “Movement Screening for Team Sports”.  Rob Taylor-Owner Smarter Team Training outlined “Using Heart Rate for Conditioning Programming”.  Ethan Reeve-Head Strength Coach Wake Forest University discussed “The Wake Forest Strength and Conditioning Philosophy”.

A big thanks goes out the the Speakers, Vendors, and UT Strength and Conditioning Staff for putting on such a great event.  There will be plenty more highlights to come, including how to get a DVD of the clinic.  If you were there please let us know your thoughts on the clinic.

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