5 Levels of Leadership

As a Head Strength and Conditioning coach, Owner, etc.  you have the privilege to lead a department.  However, once you reach that point you often realize how much you don't know about leading.  We spend years studying the physiology and mechanics of the human body, but rarely get trained on how to lead people.  That is why I try to read at least one Leadership book a month.  In "The 5 Levels of Leadership" by John Maxwell.  He defines the five levels as: Position - Rights, people follow you because they have to. Permission - Relationships, People follow you because

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What the Mafia Can Teach Strength Coaches

One of the things I love most about speaking is sitting around and talking shop with other presenters.  I spoke recently at Deer Park High School in Houston Texas.  The night before Brandon Marcello (Director of Strength and Conditioning at Stanford) and I talked shop for a good two hours in the hotel lobby. One thing that came out of that conversation was a book recommendation titled "Mob Rules-What the Mafia Can Teach The Legitimate Businessman" by Louis Ferrante.  This book has instantly gone into my staff required reading list.  Mr. Ferrante ( I am going to make sure I

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The Eight “Ates” of Strength and Conditioning

By Gregory S. Martin, CSCS, SCCC, USAW The role of the Strength and Conditioning Coach is more than just deciding whether to place pull-ups before bench press or do crunches with or without a med ball.  More elements are involved than just counting repetitions.  The responsibility carries more weight.  Here is a list of fundamentals that can aid us in being a better coach to our athletes. 1.  Motivate – You have to consistently motivate your athletes.  Whether it is instilling in them intrinsic methods of motivation or extrinsic methods by positive reinforcement or team competition 2.  Anticipate – Changes

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Leadership Lessons from the FDNY

By Ryan Flood, Assistant Strength Coach Arkansas State University John Salka is a Battalion Chief in the New York Fire Department and wrote a book titled First In, Last Out: Leadership Lessons From the New York Fire Department.  He outlines the leadership philosophies of the FDNY and many that he has developed throughout his years of service.  Here some of the lessons and how they can be applied to leadership in the strength and conditioning profession. 1. First In, Last Out In the FDNY the lieutenant, who is in charge of a group of firefighters, is the first one into

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Goal Setting: A System for Coaches

Photo used under Creative Commons from Dana Lookadoo By Thomas Draper, Coaching Assistant University of Tennessee It is easier to get there if the final destination has already been determined. In the realm of athletics this final destination is defined as a goal. Goals can be anything that an individual or a team wants to accomplish such as becoming the best head coach in the conference or winning the State Title. Research and guidelines has provided information to coaches necessary for implementing goal setting system. In 1983 study conducted with athlete Botterhill outlined such system in detail. Throughout the many

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