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Sometimes you just have to "Keep It Simple" for your athletes.  It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and the American College of Sports Medicine that physical activity, athletic performance, and recovery from exercise are enhanced by optimal nutrition. Benefits of Proper Nutrition: Training sessions are maximized. Endurance and energy are amplified. Exercise recovery is enhanced. Prevents illness and infections. Prevents injuries and decreases risk. Effects of Poor Nutrition: May lead to undesired weight changes. Increases risk for stress fractures and other injuries. Increases risk for illness. Leads to reduced endurance and stamina. May cause fatigue. These are

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Did you have a Snack before practice today?

Pre-Workout Snacks (Ideally consumed 1 hour before practice) By ImGz (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons A simple pre-workout snack with plenty of water should fuel the body sufficiently for optimal performance.  Your snack should include mostly carbohydrates and some protein.  Here are examples of pre-workout snack ideas: A banana with small amount of peanut butter. Low-fat yogurt with dried fruit or fruit of choice. Trail mix with nuts and dried fruit. Low Fat Pudding. Small bowl of cereal with low fat milk and fruit. 1/2 Bagel with small amount of peanut butter. A smoothie made with low-fat

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Exercise Recovery

photo credit: Recovering from exercise is an important part of your routine! Post-Workout foods and drinks can affect recovery by: Improving fatigue. Replenishing energy stores. Preparing for future bouts of exercise. Carbohydrates should make up most of your post workout snack along with a little amount of protein! Examples of good post workout/exercise snacks: 12-16 oz 100% juice or sports drink with a low fat yogurt. 1 cup cereal with low fat milk and a banana. 8-12 oz milkshake made with low fat milk and a piece of fruit. Peanut Butter sandwich. During exercise, electrolytes are lost and need

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Benefits of Chocolate Milk

Researchers at Indiana University found that drinking Chocolate Milk is one of the best things an athlete can do to recover from an intense workout. In fact, chocolate milk was twice as effective as a commercial sports drink. The researches say it's the unique combination of carbohydrates and protein in chocolate milk (as opposed to white milk) that makes it ideal for exhausted muscles. Karp, JR et al. The efficacy of chocolate milk as a recover aid. ACSM-MSSE. 2004. Low-fat milk-based recovery beverages are readily accepted and easily tolerated by athletes as recovery beverages, perhaps more so than sports drinks

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