Today I got the chance to spend the day with my friend Mark Morrison, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, at Hendrick Motor Sports.  Mark and I worked together at the University of South Florida.  He has done a phenomenal job setting the standard for NASCAR Strength and Conditioning.  His facility and staff are top notch.

Whenever we get together it turns in to hours of “Chalk Talk”.  We LOVE IT.  Today we spent quite a bit of time talking about Specificity.  In the sport of racing everything has one purpose, winning.  If it doesn’t help you win, it doesn’t have a place in their program.

The law of specificity states that you are doing the exact skill or not at all.  In both of our programs, we continuously strive to make sure they are as specific to the sport as possible.

Here are 5 ways to make your program specific to the sport you work with:

  1. Work the primary energy system.
  2. Focus on primary joint actions.
  3. Include exercises for injury prone areas.
  4. Include exercises for common movement patterns.
  5. Set a training schedule that compliments competition and practice demands.

Once you have established a plan, be flexible.  Not once have I created a plan and completed it start to finish without making adjustments.  At the end of each training phase evaluate it and determine its effectiveness for that time of year.

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