By Angelo James and Patrick O’Neal

Excel can be used in many different ways in the strength and conditioning field. You can create programs, keep records of your athlete’s, and calculate your players weight percentages for the upcoming workouts. The thing that most people don’t know about excel is in order to do this efficiently you need to know certain formulas. Formulas in excel will do math, pull information from various sheets, and many others things that are beneficial to a strength coach. Here are five formulas that will make your program more efficient.

The ROUND formula will calculate percentages and turn them into a whole number. When using this formula you typically want to round everything up by fives. The reason for this is because when adding weight to a bar it is increments of fives. Strength coaches will use this formula when finding players weight percentages for them to perform during the workout.

  • Round formula Tutorial


The Average formula will calculate the average of a large amount of data. A strength coach could use this to find out the average weight, height, and lift maxes for his team. For example if you are trying to find out the average weight for the offensive lineman all you would do is put all their weights in a column and use the average formula. Excel will calculate it and give the average weight for the team or position desired.

  • Average Formula Tutorial


The MAX/MIN formula will show what the biggest number or smallest number in a column. You will use this formula when you are going through player’s results and trying to determine who is the strongest or fastest. If you perform this task without excel you will have to go through by hand and look at every player to determine who had the best testing result. This process can take time and you might overlook a player. Excel will do all this for you just by entering the formula and in order to double check all you have to do is retype the formula.

  • MAX/MIN Formula Tutorial( same as average link)


The IF formula is an easy formula to use and will save a lot of time figuring out the data at hand. The IF formula is used to tell if the data is true or false. A strength coach will use this to find out if a player has improved on different lifts. You typically wouldn’t use this for a one player, but when you have a roster of a hundred athletes this formula can be used and tell you who has improved.

  • IF Formula Tutorial



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