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SCBT 150x37

Designed for those strength coaches who are unable to afford the time or money to do an onsite internship.  Coach McKeefery takes the same 8 lectures and assignments  he gives his interns and put them online.  Each week for eight weeks you will go through the same education program his interns go through.  Click here for more details.  


Learn how to make your Strength and Conditioning Resume more dynamic by making it a website.  Coach McKeefery shows you how to purchase your domain, set up your website, and add images/video/documents.  Stand out from the crowd of applicants by being more than another piece of paper.  Click here for more details.

true_tire_3d_03True Tire Training from Ron McKeefery and his 32nd Intern Class bring you 20 Extreme Tire exercises to develop core strength and total body power.  The video breaks exercises down into Single Athlete, Single Athlete with Modalities, Partner Exercises, and Competitions.  These exercises can be implemented into any strength and conditioning program.