Getting a GA/Entry Level Position


I have spent that last two days returning hundreds of emails that I have put off during the season. Most of those emails revolve around young coaches wanting to know how to get a GA or Entry Level Assistant position. Getting a Graduate Assistant or Entry level assistant position comes down to three things:

1. Are you credible? Do you have your degree, certifications, and practical experience IN strength and conditioning. Most of the time people think just because you have these things you are qualified. The reality is that it just keeps you in the conversation.

2. Can you be sold? Can I sell you to the Head Coach of the sports you are going to work with. In the world of Strength and Conditioning it is important that the coaches and athletes believe in you. Hard to believe in a coach that has never played that sport, or coached it somewhere prior. I am not saying you don’t understand muscle anatomy or physiology.  I simply stating that understanding the sport complexities are a positive.  That is why a well rounded internship is important. It is also why former athletes have a leg up.

3. Who else says you are good? There are plenty of good coaches out there for only a few jobs. You have to get your foot in the door and that comes through networking. Rarely do I hire someone I do not know. Every time I have, I have been burned. You need to get out and meet as many coaches as you can, and leave a lasting impression. The more they see your face the better chance you have.

It is important to understand that there are hundreds of coaches that want the same job you are applying for. You must do your part. You must have a resume that qualifies you, experience with that sport, and someone to validate your skills.  However if you do what has been suggested and work hard, you will make it.

For more suggestions on how to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach go to Strength Coach Basic Training.  Please comment below with your experiences or additional suggestions.

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