By: Ron McKeefery

Nationally recognized Strength and Conditioning Coach Ron McKeefery teaches you exactly how to become your own CEO Strength Coach. Coach McKeefery has served at both the Professional and Collegiate level. He is published in numerous industry publications and is a highly sought-after speaker.


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This book not only tells Ron’s story; it teaches you how to avoid the mistakes he has made and leads you through the trials he faced prior to being honored as a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach and named Under Armour Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.

You will learn to become a TECHNICIAN in your field, why most coaches remain only technicians, how to become an effective MANAGER, and what it takes to be an ENTREPRENEUR in Strength and Conditioning. A detailed, step-by-step process is provided to ensure you don’t miss anything as you learn how to pursue a successful career.

You will draw from his experiences in order to learn what it takes to not only be the best Strength and Conditioning Coach that you can possibly be; but you will also learn how to manage your time better, find room for a family life inside of a career that takes up more time than most, and how to ultimately be happy in all of the successes you achieve as a coach, no matter how big or small they may seem.


“If you have chosen a career in Strength & Conditioning or aspire to do so, CEO Strength Coach should be on your must read list.  Ron McKeefery has led Strength & Conditioning programs for over 15 years; he has proven himself to not only be a technically sound teacher, but also an effective manager, and innovative entrepreneur.  Throughout his career, Ron has dedicated himself to mentoring younger coaches in the profession.  Read CEO Strength Coach to learn from one of the best in our field.”

Chip Morton
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Cincinnati Bengals

“Ron McKeefery has spent his entire career making other people better by developing their mind, body and spirit.  He has a special ability to take people further than they imagined they could go.  His approach will revolutionize the way you think about Strength and Conditioning.”

Chris Creighton
Head Football Coach, Eastern Michigan University

“Read this book. Go on Ron’s journey with him. Ron’s path and its subsequent story can save you years of work. As Ron will show you in his writing, this book will be an investment in yourself as a coach and as a person”

Mike Boyle
Co-Founder Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

“Ron McKeefery has one of the most unique perspectives of our field I have ever seen. I enjoy speaking to him on everything outside the X’s and O’s of our jobs, about the opportunities and possibilities we have available and how much more we can be doing as part of investing in the long term or back end for our families and prolonging our careers. His is a truly holistic approach, one that I share. In CEO strength coach, any coach regardless of where he or she is in their career can learn a tremendous amount about the true abilities we have as physical fitness professionals in all arenas of exercise. We are not pigeon holed by a specific job or role, we have the ability to expand our careers in ways our forefathers never would have imagined. Thanks to Coach Mac for putting paper to pen and giving us the vital information we need to be our own CEO.”

Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach
2002 NSCA Collegiate S&C Coach of the Year
2014 NSCA Professional S&C Coach of the Year

“Ron is the ultimate CEO Strength Coach who truly practices what he preaches. Although he excels as a manager and administrator, he is best known for his unique ability to blend the cutting edge scientific components of strength training with “old-school” football physical and mental conditioning exercises. Ron not only motivates and inspires each individual student-athlete to want to train to be their best, but he also incorporates team-building components within the training regimen that foster a Team before Self culture within the program. This is a must read for any aspiring or current Strength and Conditioning Coach.”

Derek Dooley
Dallas Cowboys

“Ron McKeefery is a “coach’s coach” in every aspect of the term. Coach has been in the trenches for years and years changing lives and honing his craft. Throughout this time he has not only taken the time to help others excel in this field, he takes every opportunity to continue to learn, improve, and stay at the top…at the elite level of his profession. Ron has managed to get to the top of his field as well as expand his role in online ventures and education, something that’s crucial to our evolution as strength coaches. Welcome to 2015 and take a good long look at Coach McKeefery – for he is the model for all aspiring strength coaches looking to be the best they can be.”

Robert dos Remedios, MA, CSCS, MSCC
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
College of the Canyons
2006 NSCA Collegiate Strength Coach of the Year
NIKE Elite Trainer

“Coach McKeefery has been a great resource to me throughout my career. His knowledge and experience as a coach and administrator will help anyone who reads this book get better as a strength coach.”

Jake Beiting
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Houston Astros

“Coach Mac is a giver—he gave me my first opportunity to coach and now he is giving back to the entire field of strength & conditioning. This book is a must read for coaches looking to expand their awareness in the field and looking to thrive for decades to come.”

Derek Millender
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Cleveland Cavaliers

“Coach McKeefery is a master when it comes to building Strength and Conditioning programs. He is extremely creative and knowledgeable. His leadership and motivational ability is superior. As impressed as I am with him as a Strength Coach, I am most impressed by his desire to teach and mentor both his athletes and coaches. The championship mindset he demands was not only limited to sport but in life as well. The time I spent with coach helped me become a better strength coach.”

Mark Morrison
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Hendrick Motorsports

“I have been involved with many strength coaches over 30 years of college coaching. Ron McKeefery is by far the best I have ever had. He is thorough, passionate, focused, knowledgeable, understanding, and a tremendous leader in the field of Strength and Conditioning. But most importantly he has strong integrity.”

Jim Leavitt
Defensive Coordinator
University of Colorado