One of the best books I have ever read is Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen.  In the book, it discusses plugging all the holes you may have in your dam where money can get wasted.  It goes on to discuss the need to maximize your revenue streams.

As Strength Coaches we work in a volatile profession where we can be out of a job at any moment.  Combine that with the high demand for those positions and there is a high risk of being out of a job completely.

Problem is we love the profession.  We love Game Day, the grind, and the relationships.  We get to see and do a lot of things that others don’t.  What we fail to do is recognize the scope of our reach and the impact we can have, specifically the reach we have with young coaches.

I created a product to help young coaches break into our field.  Strength Coach Basic Training is an 8 lecture video series that I give my interns.  It is designed for them to identify what they need to do and learn to stay in the conversation for jobs in this field.  Everyone that has gone through it has found it to be very helpful.

I have always had a calling to help other strength coaches.  Whether it is the young strength coach breaking into the field, or the experienced strength coach trying to stay in it.  The best way to stay in it is to provide yourself with enough streams to stay afloat if the worst was to happen.  That is what I am offering you.  I would like for you to partner with me to promote Strength Coach Basic Training.  For every sale made that you refer, you make $19.50.  It is all automated and very simple to set up.  Here’s how:

Here is a short You Tube Video that takes you step by step on how to create a Clickbank Account.  It is important to note that there are several products on Clickbank, however my recommendation is that you review them before promoting them.


Promoting your link is simple as well.  Here are 2 ways you can promote Strength Coach Basic Training

  1. Emails –  You get hundreds of emails each year from young coaches interested in the profession.  They have questions, or are pursuing a position with you.  Each time you get one of those emails respond recommending SCBT.  Here is a sample of a standard response by me
    Thank you for your interest in our strength and conditioning department.  Your resume in under review, and you will receive a phone call if you are selected for a phone interview.  There is a product that I highly recommend for young coaches such as yourself called Strength Coach Basic Training.  It is 8 video lectures on how to break into the field of strength and conditioning.  For more information go to [Insert Hop Link].
  2. Social Media – Use Facebook and Twitter to post related content and your hoplink to Strength Coach Basic Training.

My hope is to continue to be a resource to you and other strength coaches.  Recommending SCBT is not going to make you rich, but a little extra money in your pocket won’t hurt and may help you plug up some of those holes.  Send any questions you may have to