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The Iron Game Chalk Talk podcast is now accepting up to four sponsors for 2015.  Iron Game Chalk Talk is a weekly audio and visual podcast that interviews leaders in strength and conditioning on a variety of subjects.  Guest have included Mike Boyle, Robert Dos Remedios, Kelly Starett, Louie Simmons, and many more.  For more information about Ron McKeefery click here.

Why Sponsor the Podcast?

#1 Ranked iTunes – New and Noteworthy

Number 1 Ranked ITunes

What Does it Cost?

Pricing is based on a $100 per episode price, and requires a 52-episode commitment.

These rates are subject to change at any time. However, we will give our current sponsors a chance to purchase a block at the current rate before making any rate increase.

What you get as a sponsor

How do we reach our audience?

We announce each podcast via email to a list of over 5,000 strength and conditioning coaches. There are hot links from the announcement to the podcast.  The podcasts are hosted on a number of websites, including iTunes, which gives you a potential global market of thousands of listeners. There’s just no better way to reach your target market

Will it work?

As with any marketing activities, there is no guarantee of a sales increase, but this will definitely get your company in front of thousands of people by audio, visual and on the blog. The podcast episodes also continue to be downloaded over time, so your company will continue to be seen and heard for years to come. Once recorded and live, the shows remain up.

To Become a Sponsor:

If you are interested, please email Ron McKeefery at to set up a time to discuss.